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In Art Project

Bresciani s.r.l. is partner of InART, a Co-operative Research Project with several goals in mind, namely:

* Development of a new laser based system, mobile and flexible to be used in-situ for the cleaning of painting artworks, supported by diagnosis and control tools, but also allowing human intervention through remote control of the robotic device;

* Research on the boundary conditions in which laser cleaning at different wavelengths (from the ultraviolet to the infrared) can be safely applied to a wide range of easel and mural painting materials and characteristic deposits;

* Comparison study of laser cleaning of paintings with conventional cleaning techniques.

Project summary:

The main objective of this proposal is to develop new technologies of restoration in specific difficult situations and a mobile, flexible laser based system for the in-situ cleaning of easel and mural painting artworks and on-line control of their quality.

The proposal aims to develop more advanced approaches to the cultural heritage preservation by taking advantage of the technological/scientific advances in several fields. The heritage preservation is a crucial issue in today's society and therefore, development or adaptation of new/innovative technologies to the specific requirements of cultural heritage preservation will open new opportunities for the progress of innovative conservation strategies. An innovative strategy for the cleaning of painted artworks is thus envisaged by using laser radiation with different wavelengths and by developing a new laser based system able to be displaced and integrated in the conservation/restoration operations of artworks in-situ.

The scientific and technological research objectives are concerned to answer at very specific problems of restorers, providing a new system integrating a mobile laser source that will transmit its radiation through an optical fibre which will be delivered to the artwork surface through a robotised device and comprising diagnosis and monitoring tools for the control of the cleaning operation.

In parallel, cleaning methodologies for some of the most relevant problems encountered in paintings will be developed. The constituents of artwork paintings, such as pigments, will also be analysed and characterised chemically and physically. At the same time the interaction study of these materials with the laser radiation will be performed. A database related to this aspect will be defined and made available by the end of the project.
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