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VIDEOSpectrophotometer SpectroShade Micro
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VIDEOSpectrophotometer SpectroShade Micro
VIDEOSpectrophotometer SpectroShade Micro
Precision spectrophotometer, for the measure and the objective description in every light conditions. o Reliable
o Easy to use: in a click it acquires more than 2 millions information for each image
o Quick to use: each acquisition requires less than 1 second
o Complete and exhaustive communication
o It saves the images in a patient database
o Based on an objective reading of the chromatic spectrum of the teeth and crowns
o Portable (less than 1 kg)
Technical Specifications:
Spectral Data: Light output: from about 410nm to 680nm
Image output: calibrated data from 400nm to 720nm, steps of 10nm
Measurement data:
o Illumination 2 x 45°, polarized, telecentric, monochromatic
o Readings at 0°, polarized, telecentric
o Reading area: ~18x14mm on 640x480 points
o Digital Resolution: 640x480 = 307.200 (=N° of spectral curves)
o Optical resolution: ~0,03x0,03mm for each point
o Repeatability: better then dE of 0.5 on teeth
o Inter instrument agreement: better then dE of 1 on teeth
o CCD Black and White sensor (for spectrum data readings)
Selling Kit
o SpectroShade Micro
o 5 autoclavable Mouth Pieces
o Battery charger
o PC-Software Setup CD, complete with USB drivers
o Operating Manual
o SD Memory Card 256 MB

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72080 VIDEOSpectrophotometer SpectroShade Micro  
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