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PASTIS Cnrsm Technological park jonico-salentino Center of search and services for the diagnosis of the archaeological materials

For a long time the Technological Park Jonico-Salentino National Center of Search on the Materials, heads at the Cultural Assets like one of the fields of greater interest for its scientific activities. The greater one input for the start of the new tradition of studies is given by the Plan Labyrinth "Plan Pilot of valorization of the archaeological patrimony of the area jonico-salentina", the national participation dedicated to the Cultural Assets that the PASTIS-CNRSM is executing on behalf of the Ministry of the University and the Search. With the start of structures two of the results of the Labyrinth they are reached.
Along with the new Center, it takes in fact to the way Diagnostic the International School of of the Archaeological Materials with Master in Diagnosis and Conservation of the
archaeological materials for the formation of specialists assigned to the field. The Center, than is made use of the collaboration of the Enea, of the University of Lecce and of the CNR, the objective is set to become europe-mediterranean service and point of reference that developments searches for diagnostic of the archaeological materials for private enterprises, the Institution and. With the aid of a team from the competences diversified (archeologists, chemicals, physicals, geologists) and of tip technologies, the
Center will not only be able to deepen the historical acquaintances on the analyzed
manufatti ones (being supplied information on the stage of reached technological maturity from the producers, on the origin of the materials and therefore on the commercial exchanges of the age, let alone on the dating of the manufattI same) but also to elaborate a diagnosis of the reports, determining their state of conservation and supplying indications on the treatments conserved more opportune to apply to them
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