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Sanding belt
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Restoration Laboratories Li Punti -Italy


Restoration Laboratories Li Punti (SS) Italy Archaeological Superintendence of Sassari

Archaeological, stones metals restoration laboratories, scientific analyzes laboratory, machines working wood and plexiglass

The center comprises the Laboratories and the Museum of the archaeological restoration that is planned with a circuit articulated between Laboratory - Warehouse - Museum-
The distance leaves from the Museum, is developed through the Warehouse in the Laboratory with the search of new systems conserved to you, of documentation and of rework on materials and monuments, it returns to the Museum where the results of the participations will be illustrated with innovative museologiche and museografiche solutions.
The complex of Li Punti is wide, very located regarding the aces of communication of the territory, and is formed by three buildings, connected and inserted in open spaces that they accommodate, besides the Center of restoration with the Museum, the center of the special Nucleus for the protection of the artistic heritage for the Sardinia police department.
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