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Selectivity the laser can be used with its harmonics. This allows effective laser cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces. It is possible to remove layers of dirt without removing any original material from the surface of the object. Non-contact There is no mechanical contact with the surface. This allows extremely fragile surfaces to be worked on. Portability The new version completely separates the electrical parts from the laser head, allowing to handle only the light-weight laser head. The laser system is splitted into two / three parts: Portable laser head Power supply Chiller (sometimes in combination with the power supply and control unit all in one box) 5 meters cables allow to leave the heaviest parts (chiller, supply and electronics) on the ground.
Localized action. A laser beam can be precisely directed using a visible aiming beam and the exposure conditions can be optimised for removal. Big spots available. For all the cases in which a big surface needs to be quickly treated. Articulated arm Delivering beam towards the target is very easy. Low substrate impact. The substrate is unaffected by the exposure, while conventional cleaning can easily lead to irreversible damage. Sometimes laser cleaning is the only damage-free solution.
Environmental friendly. The only waste generated is the dirt ejected from the surface. There is no use of hazardous chemicals or solvents and the only protective clothing necessary is safety spectacles and a face mask. Versatility and reliability. Laser radiation at 1064 nm has successfully been used to remove dirt and other coatings from a wide range of materials including: marble, limestones, sandstones, terracotta, alabaster, plaster, aluminium, bone, ivory and vellum.
Art. 19787/COMP
New generation laser capable of accumulating high power (1-0.5 mJ) at 1-2 different frequencies (1064-532nm) of LASER beam emission, with weights and reduced dimensions. An adjustable large diameter spot allows you to speed up cleaning tasks. Versatile and usable on all surfaces: stucco, wood, fabric, glass and stone materials. The 532nm frequency is particularly useful for the removal of organic crustaceans.
This system is equipped with a modern touch screen screen that allows you to easily vary the laser emission parameters.
LASER LIGHT BRUSCH 2 ERBIUM YAG Art. 19787/ErYAG Light Brush 2 is an Erbium YAG laser system optimized
for cleaning of Cultural Heritage. The laser cleaning on Erbium YAG laser is based on the strong absorption of the wavelength at 2940 nm from the surface layers containing OH bonds. For this reason, Light Brush 2 is particularly suitable for the removal of paint and repainting with murals and paintings. Light Brush 2 is an innovative tool for restorers thanks to the possibility of varying the emission energy from 50 mJ to 500 mJ and the duration of the impulse.
Art. 19787/ErYAG
1064 nm, 532 nm
1 J @ 1064 nm, 500 mJ @ 532 nm
500 mJ @ 532 nm
Pulse frequency
1÷20 Hz
1÷20 Hz
Diameter spot
10 mm
1 mm
Pulse duration
6 ns @ 1064 nm
150/250 ns
to  xed locale
to  xed locale
Laser shutter
pedal controller
pedal controller
Dimensions (PxLxA)
24 x 79 x92 cm.
145 x 23 x 65 cm.
60 kg
47 kg
Beam delivering
7 mirrors with1 articulated arm
7 mirrors with 1 articulated arm
Cooling circuit
Heat exchanger air/liquid
Heat exchanger air/liquid
Electrical supply
230 Volt / 50/60 Hz / 10A
230 Volt / 50/60 Hz / 18.5A
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